The world news – Wejdene changes her look, internet users believe her pregnant

Since the start of his career, Wejdene has been collecting wigs The young 16-year-old artist appears just as well with her natural hair, as with a platinum blonde bob or long curls, which gives ground to grind to many Internet users. On social networks, the interpreter of Coco posted new photos of her, wearing a red wig

So far, nothing very new This time, it is the pose of Wejdene on one of the pictures that appealed to his subscribers She only had to put her hand on her stomach for the rumors of a pregnancy not to flourish « Why are you putting your hand on your belly, are you pregnant? », « I thought she was pregnant », « It looks like she is pregnant », can we read in the comments section

If she has not yet responded to these suspicions, the young singer of 16 years had chosen this outfit to celebrate the reception of her diamond disc, won for Anissa

On social networks, Wejdene is often the victim of the worst attacks The teenager has already claimed to have received death threats « Sometimes there are things I want to throw my phone away looking at them How can you tell that to someone, actually? Kind of super wicked people, who wish death, and all, « she lamented to FranceInfo last September

On the personal side, many fans have lent Wejdene an affair with Michou, the YouTuber, quickly denied His producer Feuneu explained in an interview that his protégé was in a relationship with another artist from the neighborhood, YKM, who would be in his twenties. « I noticed her because she was a little girl from my neighborhood, from 91 simply because she was the girlfriend at YKM I already knew her, one day she came to see me and she said: ‘Me too I sing « , he told VL.

The world news – Wejdene changes her look, internet users believe her pregnant