The world news – Victoria Beckham has lost millions: her clothing brand is a mess!

After the end of the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham had a time pursued her singing career before definitely moving on Landed in the world of fashion, she has managed to make a pretty little place for herself, helped by her star friends who sometimes wear her creations and nudges like those of Anna Wintour, present at her parades. But his business is on the verge of taking water

As reported by the British press, a financial audit of Victoria Beckham’s textile company says her brand has lost no less than 53 million euros since 2018 At the worst of its crisis, the company was losing the equivalent of 4,500 euros per day! « Various events [including the coronavirus pandemic and the random closure of non-essential businesses, Editor’s note] and conditions indicate that there is an uncertain doubt that could lead to a significant doubt as to the ability of the company to continue operating « , says the audit report Last May, Victoria Beckham wanted to benefit from the British government’s bailout plan providing for the payment of 80% of the salaries of its employees by the state, the remaining 20% ​​at the expense of the company A controversy had erupted and the star had retreated, even going so far as to deprive himself of a salary, preferring to pay it to the Food Bank

Victoria Beckham, now 46, launched her clothing brand in 2008 Despite rave reviews from the fashion world and customers around the world, especially in Asia, in-store sales never really took off. Ten years after its launch, the brand received a 33 million investment from Goldman Sachs banker David Bellhassen in exchange for a minority stake in the company. In recent years, Victoria Beckham has been forced to part with part of her staff and drop some projects like her Youtube channel

But Posh Spice will never be homeless as his personal fortune is estimated at 370 million euros And she can also count on her husband the former footballer David Beckham, also a multi millionaire and very much courted by brands and partnerships not always very clean.

The world news – Victoria Beckham has lost millions: her clothing brand is a mess!