The world news – The Angels: A former candidate miscarries, she collapses and says she is « cursed »

Bad news for Anaïs Sanson The pretty brunette revealed in The Princes of Love and seen in The Angels of reality TV was pregnant and lost her baby Another miscarriage that destroys the young woman On Instagram this Tuesday, February 23, 2021, she gives herself open heart and lets her tears flow

« This morning, I woke up thinking I was pregnant with a two month old baby in great shape », she says in the story Finally the dream turns into a nightmare once again « I was expecting a baby for two months I was ten weeks of gestation I had already done an ultrasound a few weeks ago, continues Anaïs Sanson I was super happy because I got to listen to the baby’s heart I had hope, it wasn’t a clear egg I tried to be positive and not think about the miscarriage My belly had grown well, my pregnancy was progressing well »

During the ultrasound, the gynecologist was silent Suspicious silence for the young mother of Lila (1 year old) and Shana (13 years old), who then questioned the doctor « I’m not saying anything because the baby’s heart is not beating The pregnancy has stopped, I’m sorry, « he said Anaïs Sanson, accompanied by her lover Carlos, has collapsed « It’s hard I feel like I’m never gonna get away with these miscarriages stories, I’m damned It’s getting tiring, really Especially there, at two months »

This is the second miscarriage for Anaïs Sanson, in just a few months In fact, last November, she revealed that she had lost a baby The second in such a short time, but over the years, she has unfortunately known too much this feeling of infinite sadness: « There, that must be the eighth miscarriage in total. »And the nightmare is not over « I’m still not bleeding I have two pills to take tonight, two more tomorrow night And normally in three, four days it should go « , she confides

Fortunately, Anaïs Sanson is well surrounded And her little Lila gives her strength, without knowing it, as she herself says in a story on Instagram

The world news – The Angels: A former candidate miscarries, she collapses and says she is « cursed »