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The Supreme Court of the United States has just settled a long legal battle by allowing the transmission to the New York prosecutor of several years of tax returns of former president donald trump

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a new attempt by Donald Trump to protect his financial documents The American institution issued an order requiring the accountants of the former president to turn over his files to a New York prosecutor

This decision will allow the latter, the Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance, to continue his investigations against the Republican billionaire who put him at risk, ultimately, of indictment The Supreme Court was called upon by lawyers for the ex-New York tycoon They called for the overturning of a federal judge’s ruling ordering eight years of tax and banking returns to be handed over to Cyrus Vance, who has been asking for them for months

The court had already ordered Donald Trump in July 2020 to forward these documents to the prosecutor, but the mogul’s lawyers had re-requested him to contest the scope of the documents requested « The work continues », simply reacted Cyrus Vance in a statement

Initially centered on payments made, before the 2016 presidential election, to two alleged mistresses of the billionaire, the investigation by Cyrus Vance, heard behind closed doors before a grand jury, now also examines possible allegations of tax fraud, fraud insurance, or bank fraud

According to US media, investigators recently interviewed employees of Deutsche Bank – long financial backer of Donald Trump and his holding company, the Trump Organization – and his insurance company, Aon

They also re-interviewed the president’s ex-personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who is serving a prison sentence He had told Congress that Trump and his company were artificially inflating or reducing the value of their assets, to alternately obtain bank loans or reduce their taxes.

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The world news – Tax declarations: the US Supreme Court inflicts a scathing setback on Donald Trump – Benin web TV