The world news – Sarah Fraisou reacts to the exclusion of Angèle Salentino from the Angels and makes stormy revelations

Case divides reality TV contestants On the new set of the Holidays of the Angels, it seems that Angela Salentino has put several of his comrades on his back during an evening, including Raphaël Pepin and his companion Tiffany Greg Yega’s ex even accused the couple of « trying to hit (her) » But, in the end, it was Angèle who found herself excluded from the shooting, as she explained on February 20. « The thing that was reproached me is that I was tipsy during this evening which is not totally true It is true that I had a drink in addition to what is authorized but I was totally aware of my actions, I was not drunk « , she defended herself. And since his confidences, the pretty brunette would be the victim of a « relentlessness »

Sarah Fraisou therefore left her reserve Monday, February 22, 2021 to speak in turn and defend her friends, Raphaël and Tiffany According to the candidate who has metamorphosed physically, it is Angèle who would not have adopted the best attitude « I wanted to tell you about the famous story Today, we do not point the finger at the fact that you want to have fun, have a little drink, that’s your problem, we totally respect Now some behaviors are not forgivable When we don’t know how to drink, we don’t drink! « , She blurted out on Snapchat. Sarah Fraisou goes on to make unflattering revelations about Angela, without ever citing her « Assault everyone, insult, throw ‘ni *** your mom’ and ‘get out of the room’, all day until the person doesn’t even like being there, come out and we make middle fingers and say ‘I fuck you all’ and see that we do not react because we know that you are in the provocation You’re trying to get us out of the program! ”She reported

Sarah Fraisou indicates that Angèle would not be the only one to have exceeded the limits, according to her « Some people think it is relentlessness but we attack several people! We must not cry because we respond to attacks, so stop talking about relentlessness When we allow ourselves to attack everyone every day, to be ungrateful, we cannot force ourselves to love these people  » To conclude, Ahmed’s wife asks Internet users to form their own opinion in front of the episodes of the program.

Angèle is for her part supported by candidate Rania, also present on the set « In the end, she’s telling the truth, while you are I don’t know how many () What they did to Angèle, they did to my sister and me I’m not going to target everyone because there are some who are not concerned Frankly guys, they’re so bad, and I don’t understand how we can condone their behavior, ”she said publicly. And the shooting is not over yet

The world news – Sarah Fraisou reacts to the exclusion of Angèle Salentino from the Angels and makes stormy revelations