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Eden Hazard has been a shadow of himself since joining Real Former Chelsea teammate Filipe Luis is very disappointed with the Belgian’s lack of ambition

Having performed very well over seven seasons with Chelsea, Eden Hazard (30 years old, 13 games and 3 goals in all competitions this season) is no more than a shadow of himself at Real Madrid

Often injured, the Belgian has never been able to win in Zinedine Zidane’s squad Several avenues have already been raised to criticize the player’s lack of professionalism This time it’s his former Chelsea teammate Filipe Luis adding a layer

The Brazilian first made a point of highlighting the extraordinary and talented player Eden Hazard

“Next to Neymar, Eden is the best I have ever played with He’s up there with Messi, winning games alone… But he was going out and no one could take the ball He dribbled three or four If the opponents got too close, he moved away, he was so powerful Hazard has so much talent”, Said the Brazilian player

Filipe Luis then regretted the Belgian player’s lack of work and ambition He believes Hazard would be on a whole new level if he were more professional

“He didn’t run a lot to defend, didn’t always train well and five minutes before the games he was playing Mario Kart in the locker room… Maybe he’s lacking a bit of ambition to say : I’m going to be the best player in the world, because he could be, ”said the Brazilian left-back for The Guardian

Eden Hazard had received a lot of criticism for his weight gain when he arrived at Real Madrid A lack of professionalism that annoys more and more fans of the Belgian player, in particular Madrid supporters

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The world news – Real Madrid: Felipe Luis regrets Eden Hazard’s lack of ambition – Benin web TV