The world news – Karine Ferri: why she decided to no longer fly

Animal lover, Karine Ferri takes advantage of her notoriety to support the animal cause The host of TF1 explains in an interview with the Parisian regularly helping shelters for dogs and cats in her region, in particular Arpa in Essonne Asked about the place of animals in her life, the wife of Yoann Gourcuff spoke of her little furballs

« Animals, especially dogs, are my best friends, I feel good with them With my husband, we have a bitch, Dolmen, and a cat, Menhir My stepfather has four dogs, our neighbor has two We are therefore surrounded by many animals « , lists Karine Ferri

However, Dolmen was purchased from a kennel eight years ago Since then, the presenter has changed her mentality For her, it is therefore essential to educate her children, Mael (4 years old) and Claudia (2 years old) and to change her habits. « It is important to educate children especially who will be the adults of tomorrow When you decide to take an animal home, it’s a responsibility, a commitment It’s not a plush It takes up space, it brings about life changes With my husband for example, we no longer take the plane because we do not want our dog to go in the hold These are choices that must be kept in mind, « warns Karine Ferri now, revealing here that she no longer takes the plane at all, at least for personal reasons.

On social networks, Karine Ferri does not hesitate to publish photos of her animals Thus, his fans are used to seeing Dolmen, a black Labrador and Menhir, a beautiful gray cat with yellow eyes. Even if she is surrounded by animals, Karine Ferri is already thinking of expanding the family, this time by adopting « We have small children The shelter prefers to wait until they grow up to run no risk because adaptation is not always easy But for sure, the next dog in the house will be adopted « , she assures us.

The world news – Karine Ferri: why she decided to no longer fly