The world news – Julie Zenatti sexually assaulted as a child: details on the aftermath and feeling of « shame »

Guest of C à Vous (France 5) on the occasion of the release of her album Refaire danser les fleurs, Julie Zenatti mentioned the title Plein flagship, in which she talks about her sexual assault as a child In full speech of incest victims, the singer had revealed that the song was autobiographical a few days ago

« I got ‘taken’ in a very benevolent way on Europe 1 () He asked me a question and it really surprised me that it came from a man He asked me if this little girl was me This is the first time I have been asked this question and for the first time I answered yes Yes I am one of those statistics I had a bad meeting, very young, « lamented Julie Zenatti in C à Vous, Monday February 22, 2021

Very rare fact: Julie Zenatti was « very lucky » according to her The singer gave details of what happened concretely after this assault « I was lucky to be recognized as a victim The miners’ brigade had been amazing with me He was stopped Then my parents were great Despite everything, I grew up with a kind of shame that sticks to your skin You don’t really know where it comes from And we grow up with it Today with the freedom of speech, many people do not understand why we need to expose this to the light But there is nothing worse to move forward in life than shame, which creeps into every pore of the skin « , explains Julie Zenatti

Without proof of justice and without condemnation, how can we trust a world where we can endure this with impunity? Julie Zenatti now knows the importance of a court decision in the life of a victim « Despite all the luck I have, because I have a great life, I built myself with it I forgot I moved forward, because I was recognized as a victim I do not even imagine all the women who are pointed out, we do not hesitate to question the words of the victims « , she denounces When the perpetrator is famous, the victims’ story is all the more questioned and this can cause a feeling of injustice.

The world news – Julie Zenatti sexually assaulted as a child: details on the aftermath and feeling of « shame »