The world news – Emmanuel Macron: The funny nickname his primary teacher gave him

Emmanuel Macron will soon celebrate the 4 years of his assumption of post at the Elysée Palace as President of the Republic Between the Covid-19 pandemic – which he himself caught -, the debates by videoconference and the various demonstrations contesting his mandate, this lapse of time has not been easy But our leader can always immerse himself in the very flattering testimony of his former primary school teacher, Alain Brard, to offer himself a moment of calm and nostalgia.

Admiring this student so studious, the teacher agreed to reveal the behind the scenes of the politician’s childhood in the book Two French Youth, in which the journalist Hervé Algalarrondo compares the course of our leader to that by the writer Edouard Louis – a book published on January 20, 2021 by Grasset « After his very slight delay in learning to read, Emmanuel will on the contrary excel throughout his schooling in Picardy », writes Hervé Algalarrondo in the pages of Deux Jeunesses Françaises

« For that an essential reason He has a private tutor permanently available, Manette [his grandmother], again and again. Alain Brard ‘was lucky’, that’s how he put it some thirty years later, to have Emmanuel as a student at the primary school on rue Delpech and he remembers it very well. He liked to put glue on the pupils, who had to find the answers at home: ‘When he came back, he had them all, always He said, I did this with my grandmother The culture bath, it was her' »What had earned Emmanuel Macron the sympathetic nickname of » my little encyclopedia « 

We learn, in this book, that Emmanuel Macron had some weaknesses at school Finally, « weaknesses » he often brought home 18/20 maths, which was a bit below the other subjects! The letters found more interest in his eyes Which could explain his future crush for Brigitte Macron, his wife, French teacher and great lover of literature « It didn’t surprise me that he became President And I was not more surprised by his relationship with Brigitte, continues Alain Brard in his testimony After class he always had a question to ask, he was chatting almost on an equal footing with me »Can we consider that today the pupil has surpassed the teacher?

The world news – Emmanuel Macron: The funny nickname his primary teacher gave him