The world news – Chimène Badi: Burning in a little dress and thigh-high boots, she plays with fire

« Three years already I miss you We miss you !!! « , wrote Chimène Badi on Instagram last December, to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the death of Johnny Hallyday She had a new thought for the missing icon In dress and thigh high boots, the singer shows herself in a new light

Chimène Badi has nearly 50,000 subscribers on Instagram She posted a new photo on Monday February 22, 2021 The famous interpreter of the hits Entre Nous and I come from the south introduces herself to Internet users, sitting on a chair, wearing a short black crochet dress and thigh-high boots

« No no transformation, I want to play with [fire] !! » writes @chimeneofficiel in the caption of his black and white photo She also mentions Johnny Hallyday and his song I don’t need anyone to illustrate his burning mood

In comments, hundreds of Internet users including Cécilia Cara, the singer and ex-heroine of the musical Romeo and Juliet, covered her with compliments

« No transformation », but Chimène Badi has lost weight in recent months « I took rather pleasant eating habits and I relearned to eat properly, to take the time, not to stress when you are eating, explained the artist revealed by the Popstars show on the waves of Chante France in October 2020 I was fed up with the body I had I didn’t like him anymore, it got me drunk, I wanted to take care of myself, like a lot of girls my age »On January 9, she stood out on the program La Fête de la chanson française thanks to her look consisting of a white shirt with a high collar and ruffles, a slightly slit leather skirt and black pumps varnish

Chimène Badi assumes her new physique and his life choices! In December, she mentioned the one not to have children « No I don’t see myself mom I did a song in my last album called ‘Just a woman’ I thought it was a wonderful song and as it is still a taboo subject today, I wanted to put this song on the record It’s for all those women who felt different, « the singer said on the Jarry Show.

The world news – Chimène Badi: Burning in a little dress and thigh-high boots, she plays with fire