The world news – Loana hospitalized after an overdose: « She will be transferred to a psychiatric hospital »

Loana is talking about her again but this time it’s for bad news StarMag revealed that winner of Loft Story 1 (2001) is currently hospitalized in serious condition A subject on which Cyril Hanouna returned in Touche pas à mon poste (C8), February 22, 2021

As the public thought she was finally ready to be reborn once again from her ashes, Loana worried again StarMag has revealed the 43-year-old blonde was admitted to Hyères hospital following a drug overdose She consumed a massive dose of GHB and our colleagues explained that she had been unconscious for several hours. The drama took place on the night of Sunday 21 to Monday 22 February

Worried, Cyril Hanouna wanted to support her on Twitter « I’m thinking very hard about Loana right now, I am wholeheartedly with her We’ll try to give you some news on the show tonight We will do our best to help him « , wrote the host of Touche not to my post News the public has had

Guillaume Genton was next to Loana this morning as part of the filming of the documentary Loana, an up and down lofteuse (which is scheduled to air on C8 on March 11) And he delivered new details: « Everything was going well, we were in the south of France But in the evening, it’s another story She was escorted by her driver to her hotel And this morning, Guillaume Garnier who is our editor-in-chief found Loana in a sorry state in his room, with his room upside down, the bins that were searched So she was taken to the ER at 9 a.m. She is at Hyères hospital She was in very serious condition but she can still speak She will be transferred to a psychiatric hospital »

If she stopped consuming cocaine, Guillaume Genton confirms that she was under the influence of drugs during the filming: « She was always with a bottle of a famous drink And we realized that as soon as she drank it, she changed her state She would have put GHB in this bottle, which is still a rapist’s drug, so it’s extremely powerful and dangerous. She would have taken it last night This bottle would have been thrown in the trash, which explains the fact that she returned her room »

Loana’s last descent into hell dates back to this summer Fred Cauvin allegedly physically assaulted her and, to prove her point, she unveiled photos of her swollen body on Instagram in September After a media battle against her ex-companion, she was interned for several weeks in a psychiatric hospital following a dementia attack in the middle of the street Once out she tried to rebuild herself and the public thought she was doing better She made her first long televised appearance in Touche pas à mon poste on February 9 and revealed on the weekend of February 20 that she was in the middle of filming, in Cannes It’s radiant that she revealed herself on social networks His fans were therefore far from suspecting what was going to happen Especially since she had assured that she no longer consumed illicit substances

The world news – Loana hospitalized after an overdose: « She will be transferred to a psychiatric hospital »