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After the publication of the decree on his removal from the strength of the Beninese Armed Forces (FAB), Professor Juste Codjo addressed a letter to his “ brothers and sisters in arms ” This letter, according to its first lines, answers the many questions that have been falling on him for a few days, and re-establish the facts.

In his letter consulted by BENIN WEB TV, Juste Codjo provides many clarifications on his departure from the army The former Senior FAB Officer specifies, at first glance, that he had already resigned on his own since January 2021 It is therefore with great surprise that he was informed of the decree dated November 4, 2020 announcing his delisting

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He says he submitted his resignation on January 17, 2020 when he closed 25 years of effective service in the army on that day « I took care to consult Law No. 2005-43 of June 26, 2006 which governed the general status of FAB military personnel at the time of my resignation. Indeed, the said law grants officers of my rank the possibility of resigning if they have completed 25 years of service, « he said.

After the introduction of the letter of resignation, Juste Codjo awaited the Head of State’s response, in accordance with Law No. 2005-43 of June 26, 2006 But that answer never came “To date, more than a year later, I have not received any notification of the PR’s decision, favorable or unfavorable After several months, I had concluded that the silence of the authority was worth acceptance, ”he wrote

If indeed the PR had rejected my resignation, don’t the administrative rules oblige the authority to notify me of its rejection decision and summon me to join the ranks?

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In addition, he specifies that the decree of his radiation was taken in November 2020 and is based on the law 2020-19 of July 3, 2020 which now contains a new provision requiring the resigning to wait in his post until  » when a decision is made by the PR His resignation having taken place 6 months before the release of this law, he asks if the laws are now retroactive in Benin

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The world news – Benin: after his removal from the army, Juste Codjo addresses his brothers in arms – Bénin Web TV