The world news – Angèle Salentino out of the filming of the Angels: « I was tipsy during this evening »

It’s a new scandal for NRJ 12 and the production company La Grosse Équipe After the violent altercation on Reunion Island between Ricardo and Nehuda and the locals, the filming of the Vacances des Anges has found a new destination: the Dominican Republic But then again, not everything goes as planned Two candidates have already been excluded, namely Rawell and Angela Salentino The latter confirmed the news herself on her social networks on Friday February 20

Greg Yegga’s ex protested against the production’s decision, assuring that Raphaël Pépin is the real culprit in the affair Indeed, according to the pretty brunette, the emblematic candidate of reality TV would have tried to lay hands on her, with the complicity of his companion Tiffany who is more « I’m in a bit of a scandalous situation During an evening on the show ( ) Raphaël Pépin tried to hit me accompanied by Tiffany « she accused And to continue, obviously still in the misunderstanding: « I did not pronounce the first name of these individuals once because I know that they have a problem against me. Unfortunately, these people have fixed and obsessed me because I opened my mouth at the beginning of the adventure to defend causes that were dear to me. () I didn’t speak to them, suddenly Raphael jumped on me () He threatened me and my family and I teased with a middle finger and I was the one who was isolated »

But then, why is it Angèle who found herself excluded from the shoot? According to her, the production criticized her for having drunk too much that evening « To be objective, the thing that was reproached me is that I was tipsy during this evening which is not totally true It is true that I had a drink in addition to what is allowed but I was totally aware of my actions, I was not drunk and I absolutely did not calculate these people () Immediately people intervened but I do not know why I was put in isolation » Raphaël Pépin and Tiffany, for their part, were able to continue filming « It’s a bit scandalous and unfair It shouldn’t have happened like that « , she said sorry

In the process, a petition was launched on Changeorg aiming to exclude Raphaël Pépin and even prevent him from remaking reality TV « It appears that, for several years, Raphaël Pépin has been the author of various acts of various and repeated physical and psychological violence Raphaël benefits from many privileges granted by production companies for reasons still unknown () Angèle was put in isolation and excluded from the shooting except that Raphaël, him, continues to shoot in the greatest of calm « , it is indicated among others

Raphaël Pépin contented himself with posting a photo of him and Tiffany via his Instagram story, commenting: « Fake », understand « Faux » And he was able to count on his friend Sarah Fraisou to defend him « Please wait for the episodes before you decide We are big kids We answer like children But I beg you you’ll really understand everything It’s easy to do your Calimero on the networks, but it’s not that we are not 15 people for nothing It is not a mass effect There are several people who have been attacked We don’t talk about it because we don’t defend such and such, they don’t need us in real life We speak because we have all been reached by the same person or at least trying to reach us You know very well that if there are acts of violence here, you go out So try to push everyone to the limit every day to move from here, that’s another thing, « she explained on Snapchat on February 22. Now it is up to viewers to discover the episodes to form their own idea

The world news – Angèle Salentino out of the filming of the Angels: « I was tipsy during this evening »